Thursday, April 10, 2008

Community Rallys for Fire Chief Position

In a typical show of small community support, village residents crowded into village hall to show their support for our fire department.  After hearing reports that threaten to remove our village fire chief, residents came out in force to let their feelings known.

Scotia Village Board Meeting in support of Fire Cheif Richard Kasko
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Like many small communities Scotia has been looking for ways to reduce taxes without doing away with traditional services. Unfortunately, the current administration has been secretive of their plans having discussions in closed door meetings they call “Executive sessions”.  Thanks to great local media coverage residents are becoming aware of plans and are letting their voices be heard.

Scotia Fire Department

The department was established in 1873 as the Neptune Engine Co. #1. The John Miller Hook and Ladder Co. was added in 1910.   The career staff was first established in 1922. Consolidated in 1986, the Scotia Fire Department, responds to approximately 1500 calls  per year thanks to its 12 paid fire fighters and over 30 volunteers. 



Blogger Concerned said...

The Board tried to slip something by everyone last night. They are meeting with the attorney (another secret meeting?)today regarding Section 50 of the Vilage Law. This section covers the the Fire Chief. Read it. What are they trying to pulll now?

8:52 AM  
Blogger Bill Pytlovany said...

Thank you for the feedback.
According to the current law Code 50-2

At the first annual meeting following the election of a Mayor, the Board of Trustees shall appoint the following officers for terms of two (2) official years: [Amended 1-11-1995 by L.L. No. 2-1995 Editor's Note: This local law also provided that it shall take effect upon the expiration of the current terms of office of the affected officers at the organizational meeting to be held in December 1998. ]

(1) Attorney.
(2) Deputy Clerk/Treasurer.
(3) Deputy Village Clerk.

B. Additional officers and employees shall be appointed at the annual meeting for terms of office as follows:
(1) For one (1) official year:
(a) Acting Justice of the Village Court.
(b) Clerk to the Justice of the Village Court.
(c) Building Inspector.
(d) Plumbing Inspector.

(2) For one (1) official year or under other contractual arrangements:
(a) Village Engineer.

(3) For indeterminant terms pursuant to the Civil Service Law for competitive class of civil service employees:
(a) Superintendent of Public Works.
(b) Police Chief.
(c) Fire Chief or his designee.

C. Vacancies may be filled for unexpired terms at any regular meeting of the Board.

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Board of Trustees met with our labor attorney to discuss a personnel matter in the fire department - not to discuss a change in Village Code. Personnel matters are covered by executive session. Discussions about village law and potential changes must be done in public with a public hearing scheduled after the introduction of any proposed change.

Furthermore, editorial comments that state things such as "Scotia residents turn out" and portray a picture showing people at a meeting should be based upon facts in the hopes of accurate reporting.

The author should identify the people and ascertain if they are Village residents and if they are members of any special interest group such as employees or members of a volunteer group. The answer to these questions may change the editorial comments which can mislead the average resident and taxpayer.
Armon Benny, Trustee

8:49 AM  
Blogger Concerned said...

In yet another "secret meeting" last night the "board" came out of executive session and voted to hold a public hearing concerning Village Law 50-2. They want to change it so they can seek outside management for the Fire Department. Why, after all the public out cry to keep the position as is, are they STILL trying to get rid of the Fire Chief? What is thier grand plan? Why was this item NOT on the agenda for the meeting? Oh, and Mr. Benny, FYI Scotia Firefighters are residents too, not merely "special intrest groups."

6:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Concerned:

I would ask you to contact me directly for a conversation regarding your comments and your thoughts. You can reach me by email at Perhaps other trustees have reached out to you to discuss items with you and that has satisfied your quest for knowledge.
Armon Benny

1:40 PM  

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