Thursday, October 28, 2010

Collins Park, Rotary Circle Project Part 1

I heard yesterday from local film maker Dan Masucci asking if I knew what happen to all the trees in the circle next to the playground in Collins Park.  Dan wasn’t the only one worried seeing that a number of scrub trees have been cleared from what is known as Rotary Circle.

While it may not be pretty today the unhealthy trees are being removed as part of a project that will ultimately beautify this area and make it a more usable.  For a number of years the village park board has tried to put an improvement project together. This year  Scotia Rotary under the leadership of President Cindy Amell has decided to see that something can finally be done to improve this area.

Members of Scotia Rotary start work on Rotary Circle.


Below is a sneak peak at the current plans which have evolved over the years to provide a beautiful and safe environment.




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