Sunday, January 22, 2006

Mild Scotia Winter?

The sun is shining today and yesterday the high was 61 degrees. A typical Scotia winter? Not exactly.

2005 was certainly the year of disasters. It started with the Tsunami and included the worse hurricane season of my lifetime. Earthquakes, fires, mudslides and a month of rain in the northwest have created pain and sorrow for many.

The Village of Scotia has escaped any unnatural events but one of my predictions may be coming true. I've been saying we're either going to experience the worse snow/ice/cold spell in our history or a freak warm winter.

It's January 22 and while it's still chilly, there is no sign of snow to be seen as I look out on my yard. Snow showers are forcast for later this week but I still think the great northeast is having an unusual winter. If this trend continues we may see folks moving back to the area, not only for our history and culture but for our weather.


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