Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Village Poll

I’ve been having a lot of fun with the recent polls posted on  I was really surprised at the number of former Scotia residents who visit our site to keep up on village happenings.

I’m grateful that the Spotlight News for writing about our website and letting more folks know about the polls.

“The poll was created pretty much for my own curiosity. I currently chair the village park board, and I’m on the waterfront committee, so many of these issues have been topics,” said Bill Pytlovany, who manages the site.

Pytlovany said the Web site at, which he runs on a volunteer basis, is completely independent of village government, but he said he has passed along results to village hall.

Click here to read the entire Spotlight article.

Mayor Kris Kastberg said the poll results involving priorities for residents came as no surprise to him. He said he hopes residents will now voice just what services they are willing to have combined.

“My biggest question is what residents want to see consolidated. Is it police with Glenville, fire with Schenectady, village government with the town? Many people want to save money through consolidation, but are sometimes hesitant to lose their own individualized services,” said Kastberg.

In response to Mayor Kastberg and the village board, I have created a new poll today which asks specific questions about consolidation.  Go to and add your voice.  Stop by later this month and we’ll see what others think.



Blogger Shhazam said...

Keep up the good work. I visit occasionally all the way from West Coast to good ol' Scotia.

John Cavano

2:14 PM  

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