Friday, November 16, 2007

Our Web Site is Working

At the recent Flint House Halloween Fun Fest I was honored to hear about a new Reynolds Street neighbor. I didn’t get a chance to talk personally with our new villager but word quickly spread to me how her family picked Scotia as their new home. Yup, she said they found  After seeing the photos, the countdown to Jumpin’ Jacks along with our pride in historic houses, they wanted to call the Village of Scotia home.

My goal for has always been to showcase our town, county, village and everything it has to offer. I’m thrilled to hear that the web site is working as planned.

The new "official" provides a wide range of information that can save you a phone call or trip to Village Hall. Looking for information on laws, committees, official news and events this is the place to go. will continue to promote the Village of Scotia and all the wonderful assets that we have in our people, parks and proximity to great locations in the capital region. Click Here for Details on what’s different.

Scotia and our entire county is in an excellent growth period!

General Electric’s Energy Power Generation group recently announced the addition of 500 well paying jobs and the renovation of Building 53. Many of the new GE workers will be looking for the kind of single family homes available in Scotia.

Golub Corp announced plans for 30 new Price Chopper markets and will relocate their headquarters to just across the river at the old Big-N plaza.

Even BillP Studios is growing and our WinPatrol product was honored as one of the 100 Best Products of 2007 along with Mozilla Firefox, the Nintendo Wii and Apple’s iPod.




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