Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Labor Day

It’s a beautiful day here in Scotia, perfect for bike rides, swimming, picnics in the park or any family get together.  August has been a busy month so I failed in my efforts to keep updated regularly. 

Last night I had my last fish sandwich as Jumpin’ Jack’s served their last customers of the year. I can actually see the lights from Jumpin’ Jack’s from my office so each night will be a constant reminder that summer is officially over.

I did work on another new computer help project over the month and would like to share it. I frequently get a lot of questions from people when they get suspicious Emails. I’ve created a new web site so folks can find out what’s real and what isn’t.  It’s called

So, the next time you get mail from Bill Gates, the Sultan of Brunei or what appears to be a greeting card from a friend, just go to Feel free to forward this information to 10 of your closest friends and it will bring them good luck. ::just kidding:: 



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