Friday, December 12, 2008

Glenville Snow Ice Emergency Tree Removal

TOWN OF GLENVILLE December 11-12, 2008


As soon as downed electrical lines are repaired and the roads are clear, the Town of Glenville Highway Department will begin its debris clearance and removal operation.

Therefore, all debris should be cut into 4 foot lengths and stacked neatly just off the road. Smaller debris should be bundled and tied.

Additional information regarding debris clearance and removal will be available on the Town’s website as it is updated or by calling the Town Highway Garage at 382-1406.

Downed trees and Oak Wilt Disease
The December 12th storm has brought down many trees and branches in Glenville. With the presence of Oak Wilt Disease in the Glen Oaks area, please note:

1. No oak limbs, branches, etc., should be removed from the greater Glen Oaks area.
2. If you are unsure as to the type of tree or limb, do not remove from the neighborhood.
3. Please inform Tree Service contractors that no Oak tree material is to be removed from the neighborhood.
4. All other types of tree material may be removed as needed, and transported elsewhere.

The town of Glenville will coordinate with NYS DEC to determine the best manner to handle downed oak trees/branches, and disseminate information as it becomes available.


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