Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Holloween Cider and Doughnut Schedule

Happy Halloween
Trick or Treat Safely!

Come one and all for Halloween Cider and Doughnuts
 compliments of the Scotia Fire Department.

4:30Catherine & No. Ten Broeck St.
4:45Holyrood @ Fourth and Houston St.
5:00N. Toll and Lark St.
5:15S. Toll and Sanders Ave.
5:30Orlinda Ave. and S. Holmes St.
5:45Glen Ave. and Pleasantview Ave.
6:00Sanders Ave and S. Ten Broeck St.
6:15Washington Ave. and Livingston Ave.
6:20Washington Ave. and Washington Rd.
6:35Spearhead Dr.
6:45Deerfield Place and Red Coach Dr.
6:45Glenview Dr. and Holly Blvd.
7:10Holly Blvd. and Fawn Dr.
7:25Parkland Ave and Uncas Dr.
7:40Cuthbert and Concord St.
8:00Porch Lights Off

From Chief John C. Pytlovany:
We are asking that all residents celebrate Halloween between the hours of 4 P.M. and 8 P.M. on Friday, October 31st, 2008.
We would ask that children complete their "Trick or Treating" and that residents turn off their front porch lights at 8 P.M.


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