Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Scotia-Glenville Drama Club Presents “Cereal Two”

What: A benefit show for the Scotia-Glenville Drama Club

Where: Scotia-Glenville High School Auditorium

Friday: January 29th    7:30PM
Saturday: January 30th 7:30PM
Sunday: January 31st      2:00PM

Admission: $8 Adults   $5 Studios

Cereal two is the gut-busting, laugh out loud sequel to Richard Messina's production, "Cereal" first performed at Scotia-Glenville in the fall of 2007.

In fall of 2009, when rumors were whispered of a sequel to "Cereal" being green-lighted the Scotia-Glenville Drama Club buzzed with enthusiasm. Current students along with alumni include a cast that showcase characters old and new. Cereal 2, mocking the murder-mystery genre, is fully equipped with characters full of quirks and personalities that are sure to keep your heads rolling, if you catch my pun.

If you thought Spaceballs was ridiculous be sure to catch this winter's production of Cereal Aisle 2. We'll show what a spoof really is all about.


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