Saturday, May 19, 2012

Meet me at the Fishin’ Hole

Winter, Summer all through the year folks rave about the fishing in our own Collins Lake.  Don’t call it a pond because you’ll find swimming, boating, wild life and obviously some great fishing.  Just ask Matt Grimes as he shows off his recent 30 inch Carp that weighed in 13.5 lbs.


Matt said this certainly isn’t his biggest catch but like his past experiences, “they put up a great fight!!!”.

As someone who grew up swimming at the Collins Park beach I thought perhaps this giant had come from the Mohawk River during last years flood caused by Hurricane Irene. Matt says, the fish is native to the Lake and he’s caught a bunch over the years.
He says it’s a bottom feeder so I think all the kids learning to swim at the beach can rest easy.

In this photo you can actually see the Mohawk River taking over the north side of Collins Lake where you’ll find the majority of springs that feed the lake.


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