Thursday, September 08, 2011

Help Needed in Scotia

One of the areas which has received the most damage is the lower Washington Ave. area of Scotia.  This area is still trying to clean up as more flood waters threaten our  friends and neighbors.

Posted on Facebook:

Many families on Washington Ave,and Shonowee Ave. in Scotia need people to help haul out and help clean their basements, and first floor. Flooring needs to be removed, sheet-rock, carpets, etc. Then they have to clean all surfaces because mildew at mold have already begun to grow on walls and sub flooring. Then they will need help with laying down new flooring, sheet-rocking walls, painting water barrier paint in basements, replacing broken basement windows, installing hot water tanks and new furnaces. Many families lost everything who live on the first floor of a 2 family home. So furniture is greatly needed. This does not begin to cover the clean up that will be needed outside their homes. If you can't donate your time, gift cards for Walmart, Kmart, Target, Loews would also be a blessing.


My parents live on Washington Ave in Scotia, and could use any of the big blowers to try to help dry out their house. they lost their basement and just about everything on their first floor. If anyone has info on renting blowers, or if there are some that could be borrowed it would be greatly appreciated. Also anyone with experience in flooring, dry wall or construction would be helpful. Thanks

If you can help contact Tom Neals at 518-378-7106


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