Sunday, January 29, 2006

Cop Car Donut Shop

My topics today are a little off topic but I’m told a truthful Blog should reflect a little personal information. That way your readers can get to know you and be aware of any personal bias.

Today I have an opportunity to share some information about my family. I have one older brother John who is the Chief of Police in our little community of Scotia, NY. I mention him today because tomorrow night the Discovery Channel is re-airing a segment that reveals another one of my brothers many talents.

Monday night, January 30th at 9:00 PM EST and later at 1:00 AM, the Discovery Channel airs an episode of Monster Garage created one week in the summer of 2003 we spent in Long Beach, CA. Jesse James along with a gang of cops and one doughnut guy, transform a 1998 Ford Crown Victoria Police Cruiser into a mobile Doughnut Shop. If it sounds like something you’d be interested in plug it into your TiVo.



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