Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Collins Park Water Cleanest Ever

Park Supervisor Jim Marx announced today that water tests have come back indicating that Collins Lake is ready to swim! 

This is great news for the village as temperatures near 100 degrees.  Between the use of the herbicide Sonar to kill non-native weeds, hazing efforts by SavetheGeese volunteers and the new bubbler aeration system, contaminants were less then 10% of unacceptable values.

The best news for me was a confirmation that springs feeding the lake were tested and proved to be clean.  At the recommendation of testing labs, a “source sample” method was used to test the spring water.  In the past, water sampled was outside the spring entrance but because of stagnant water and run-off from the high banks this was considered a contaminated sampling technique. Recent tests included drilling a few inches into the source of the spring water and confirmed it was not the source of any problems.

Collins Park




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