Monday, October 09, 2006

Fire Prevention Safety Week

This morning Scotia Fire Chief, Richard Kasko was the guest on FOX23 News Daybreak with Kathryn Hauser. The topic was Fire Prevent Safety Week. The theme this year is Cooking Fires, “Watch what you Heat”.

Click for Video Tips from Chief Kasko

* Fire Prevention History and Cooking 
* Fire Prevention Stats and Equipment
* Smoke Detection

Below are a number of products you can purchase today from Amazon without leaving your chair.

Stop Drop and RollStop Drop and Buy this book
Written for kids, its still easy enough for anyone to understand.

First Alert Smoke and Carbon Monoxide AlarmSmoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm
You have one right?
True Story: A woman once wrote complaining about an annoying beeping ever since installing our WinPatrol program. Turns out it was a low battery on her smoke detector.

First Alert Twin Value Pack Fire Extinguishers
One for your kitchen and one for your home office. Never know when your laptop battery will catch fire.

Fire Safe Media ChestFire-Safe® Media Chest
And here’s my tip for computer users.  Of course you do regular backups, but where do you store the backup media?  If you really want to keep your photos and discs safe you need a special media chest.


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