Saturday, October 07, 2006

It's Time to Vote

Actually, you still have a few weeks until it’s time to vote for a new Scotia mayor. For now,  you can vote for your book of choice.

One County, One Book

In January 2006, Schenectady County Public Library launched an award winning program. Schenectady County's One County, One Book encouraged the entire community to join together in reading, discussing, and participating in programs associated with THE SAME BOOK!

Over 77 books were nominated and it’s now down to 5 finalists. You have until October 21st to vote for Schenectady Counties book for 2007.
The five finalists are...

Bel Canto: A Novel

Empire Falls (Vintage Contemporaries)

My Sister's Keeper: A Novel

The Namesake: A Novel

Year of Wonders

Click here to place your vote.



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