Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Futile Words by Fans of Mohawk Ave & Diner

After news spread of a new 51 unit apartment project a number of concerned residents appealed to the Village Board at their monthly meeting.  Little had been known about this project until Nicole Stack, a popular waitress at Scotia Diner, created a Save the Diner and Mohawk Ave! on Facebook.

Unfortunately, before Mayor Kris Kastberg gave residents a turn to speak during “privilege of the floor” he squashed their hopes by announcing the project was already approved by the planning board and the Scotia Diner would be history. Nicole’s efforts came following the monthly meeting of the Village Planning board which had given the green light to developer Bruce Tanski.   Mayor Kastberg supports the project telling WRGB the lot has been “relatively rundown” since he moved here in 1982.

The Village Planning board meets on the first Monday of the month and as needed.
According to the official Village website. ”The Planning Board is a 5 member board charged with approving site plans, special use permits, and other developmental approvals. This board also writes developmental codes like architectural guidelines and sign ordinances. The Planning Board also participates in master planning for the Village. The two most common actions performed by this board are the special use permit and the site plan review. These tools insure that new development and construction meet Village guidelines and improve the area where the project is taking place.”

Minutes of meetings aren’t available immediately but can be found at http://www.villageofscotia.org/planning.htm

dinernicole Nicole Stack came prepared with a wide variety of reasons why the board should consider all the regulars who frequent the Scotia Diner and why a large apartment project would diminish our quaint business district.





Scotia Diner, manager and cook Aristotle Kyratzis lets the board know how much he’s done to improve the building while the owner  has allowed his Scotia properties to decay.

According to Village officials they’re hoping Metroplex Authority can help the diner relocate since 12 people will be losing their job. See our previous article for a draft look at what our 51+ new neighbors will be living in.


Anonymous Claudia G. said...

Seems strange that the same person who let the property get so run down has the approval of the board to build apartments. Just sayin'...

6:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kris Kastberg is a puppet of Jack McDonald. Jack McDonald and Bruce Tanski (the developer) are long-time friends and business associates.

5:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also, Scotia's new planning board chairperson Jenny Moon-Lippman is employed by Jack McDonald Engineering.

4:58 AM  

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