Friday, September 21, 2012

FIREBALL RUN® – Have Fun, Help Find Missing Children

Join your friends, neighbors and fantastic visitors as the Fireball Run® comes to Schenectady and Scotia. It’s called “The Most Epic Adventurally in America”.  The fun starts Wednesday, September 26,2012.  Come to Glen Sanders Mansion and meet the participants.  Wish them well as the rally begins Thursday morning at 10 AM.


FIREBALL RUN® is the most riveting and original live point-of-interest & destination based expedition in America.

Headquartered inside Studio 22A at Universal Studios FIREBALL RUN is adventure meets motoring; a live streaming and motion picture production series starring YOU as part of an ensemble cast of dynamic characters.

The FIREBALL RUN is NOT a road race and is unlike ANY rally competition in the world. Using more brain power than horsepower driving teams must solve clues & accomplish missions in order navigate the route and score.”

FIREBALL RUN       Northern Exposure


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