Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tonight on WRGB at 11

They keep calling it CBS6 but it will always be WRGB to me. 

Freddy Freihofer Host Jim Fisk

I had the pleasure today to meet Ali Messore, one of the News Producers at WRGB and videographer, Barry Suydam.  Ali’s challenge was to interview me about the Kama Sutra worm which has been in the news recently.  If you read this before 11 PM on Jan 31th, 2006 you can tune in to see me on 11 O’clock news on channel 6.  If not, I’ll probably update this page with a link to the video segment recorded by my TiVo.

Update Feb 1, 2006  2:30 PM
Ali did a pretty good job at both making me look good and distributing some good information to the CBS6 News audience. Click here to see news video.



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