Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Friends of the Flint House Massacre

I've always been pleased with the community spirit in the Village of Scotia. Like any community there are always times when residents butt head with local government and Scotia is no different.

Recently the local papers reported on the problems of the Friends of the Flint House volunteers. Even though the Flint House is village park property, the department of public works felt the volunteers should be responsible for removing yard waste and trash. When "Friends of the Flint House" president, Cindi Pytlovany delivered a neatly tied bag of the trash to DPW headquarters and the department head Thomas Cushing insisted Mayor Kastberg have her arrested for illegal dumping.   Mayor Kastberg met with the "Friends" and worked out an arrangement for the future while holding the arrest over the head of Ms Pytlovany.  While the dedicated volunteers thought the issue was settled “upon further consideration”, the mayor changed the terms of their agreement.  He explained it this way to the Daily Gazette …
“She tried to make a point. She took the bag of garbage that was in the can and brought it to DPW. She can be forceful and she can be dramatic. We took care of it,”

Over the last three years the Friends of the Flint House hosted numerous free programs for kids and adults. Working with the previous village mayor and trustees they obtained over $50,000 in grants and donations. The four acre property and house was donated to the village by Lillian Flint with the terms it be used historic and educational purposes treated as park land. Even with the help of many volunteers many village official still considered it as "that old house."

Other volunteer groups have voiced their concern over support from the mayor. At this time the status of the Friends of the Flint House is unknown but I hope you’ll enjoy this recent video created to tell the story of the Flint House Massacre.

Music and Lyrics by BillP, Vocals by Christopher Cook & Bill Pytlovany

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is so great. Some folks you can't push around cause they push back. GO CINDI GO!!!

Linda Queen
Macon GA

11:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is so "stick it to 'em" great. GO CINDI GO!!

Linda Queen
Macon GA

11:57 AM  

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