Thursday, July 17, 2008

Neighborhood Environmental Coalition Cleans Up

I’m always excited when I hear about examples of community spirit and activism so I was thrilled to hear about the newest volunteer group in the Village of Scotia.

The Neighborhood Environmental Coalition formed in April of 2008. Their goals then are the same as they are now:

To bring awareness to the littering situation in Scotia, to lead by example by picking litter up twice a month, to encourage business as well as home owners to do their part in helping to keep Scotia clean, and to help the community in anyway we can.
Neighborhood Environmental Coalition

To date they have over 19 volunteers (some from other towns!), and have picked up over 280 pounds of garbage off the streets and sidewalks. Evening "pick-ups" take 1 hour, twice a month and the difference is clear to see. They encourage children attend, as it is a casual affair. If volunteers can make it, then they make it. If they have something else going on, which almost everyone does at some point, that's totally ok. They gladly accept donations to cover costs for bags and gloves, and are always working on getting sponsors.

Those interested in being put on the N.E.C. email list, or those with questions can email Nathan at, or call me at 312-2154.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As being a new member of N.E.C.,
I am happy that this Coalition has formed and we are doing our part to keep our Village clean and neat.

Ed Wagner, N.E.C. Member

12:51 PM  
Anonymous edwags said...

Being a new member of the N.E.C., I am very happy that this Coalition has formed to keep our Village clean and neat.

Ed Wagner
N.E.C. Member

12:53 PM  

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