Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Improvements will benefit Jumpin’ Jack’s customers

Work continues on protecting the Mohawk River bank including the popular shore of Jumpin’ Jack’s.


Hopefully, this will provide more room for all the fans who enjoy watching the U.S. Waterski Show Team.


Monday, December 07, 2009

Mohawk River Bank Stabilization

When I served the residents of Scotia as Park Board Commissioner there was always one topic considered as a big priority.  When the Village received a grant to study riverfront development the same topic was discussed at every meeting. When I meet with other board members of Freedom Park Foundation the same topic has been a major concern. 
It’s taken some time but I’m pleased to report some progress in stabilizing the property along Schonowee Avenue which holds back the mighty Mohawk River.

Schonowee Avenue looking west toward Jumpin’ Jack’s.

Unless you’ve spent some time watching the US Water Ski Show Team or attend concerts at Freedom Park you might not realize how critical this project has been.  Over the years  much of the river bank has been sweep away.  There has been a real threat to losing our popular summer time activities. 

By the end of the year phase one of the stabilization project should be compete.  In 2010 I hope to report some exciting new benfits available to everyone who enjoys our wonderful natural resource.

Environmentally friendly materials from Tensar International

Thank you to all the board and committee members who devoted their time and efforts toward helping to  save our river front.