Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Battle of the Bulge Warriors

A special event will take place 1 PM on Tuesday, April 4th at the Scotia Branch of the Schenectady County Public Library. Authors Paul Rutherford & Dan Lynch will discuss their book, "Into the Dragon's Teeth" along with WWII veterans Richard Marowitz, Al Cohen and Doug Vink.  Subtitled, "Warriors Tales of the Battle of the Bulge" this book details the intimate stories of three local soldiers fighting sub-zero cold, snow and about 29 divisions of Nazi troops. 

Into the Dragons Teeth

Click Into the Dragon's Teeth on Amazon for book info and reviews.

Come to the library at 14 Mohawk Avenue and hear the facts from our own local heros.

Flint House Kids

This past weekend the "Friends of the Flint House" put smiles on 55-60 kids in yet another successful kids craft program. The theme was Pond Life and resulted in many painted turtles and colorful fish necklaces. Story time at the Flint House
Go to http://www.FlintHouse.org/schedule.html for a list of future events.

Also announced this week was the Village of Scotia Summer Recreation Program. The “DROP-IN” program takes places at the Retreat building in Collins Park. Activities are available on a sign-in, sign-out basis starting at June 26th and running through August 18th.  Hours are 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Swimming lessons are also available from June 26th through August 11th at the Collins Park Beach. The 20 minutes classes are scheduled between 10:00 AM and Noon.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Burners UK, Refrigerators and Blotto

Just a teaser today but it won’t be long before the Freedom Park summer schedule is officially announced. Some all-time favorites like Burners U.K.(6/28 Rescheduled 9/6) and the Refrigerators(8/9) will be returning this year but there will also be some surprises.  Blotto( I-I-I wanna be a Life Guard) will make their Freedom Park debut on August 5th.

Freedom Park Scotia
Eagles View of Freedom Park
Freedom Park Freedom Park Website Freedom Park

Friday, July 21st – Sunday July 23rd see the stage production of Grease live on the Freedom Park stage.

Fireworks fills the sky on two dates this year. First on Friday, June 30th celebrate Independence Day with the The Outta' Hand Band. On Saturday, July 8th, enjoy CanalFest at the park and dance to Alex Torres and his Latin Orchestra.

Stay turned for more information.  Event sponsorships are still available by contacting  info@freedomparkscotia.org.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Eagle Fishing on Collins Lake

I was thrilled to be able to snap this photo today at 4 PM from Pytlovany Point overlooking Collins Park.  Apparently, the fishing was good in our Collins Lake.

Eagle Fishing at Collins Park
Click photo for larger image


Sunday, March 05, 2006

Our Friend, Dick Fyvie

When I was growing up in the Village of Scotia, the relationship between the kids and the village police was just like you’d see in a Norman Rockwell painting. One of the best known cops in town was Richard “Dick” Fyvie. When our neighbor complained about the noise from our up-and-coming rock band, Dick would stop down to chat and always stayed to listen to a song or two before asking us to just turn it down a notch.  It was one of the reasons we were booked to play the PBA’s Thanksgiving Dance a number of years.

Dick retired in 1996 after 32 years with the Village of Scotia Police.  He made the best of his retirement spending his time on the golf course, at the bowling alley and as an umpire and/or supporter of a number youth sports leagues. As an adult, I was privileged to know Dick a little better when we golfed together a few times.  He was a class act and was respected by the residents of Scotia.

I never intended for VisitScotia.com to post this kind of news but I know we have a lot of former residents who frequently stop by. I’m sorry to report that Dick perished in a fire at his home on Sunday morning, March 5th.  News of his passing quickly spread and like many, my thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family.

Click here for WTEN News Video (Windows Media Player)

Click here for Daily Gazette Article (PDF Format)

Click here for Times Union Article

Rest in Peace; Daily Gazette 3-10-2006 (PDF Format)

Al Roker in Scotia

Last night NBC had a special report called “Blizzard! NBC Weather PLUS Special”. The focus of the hour long special was how to protect yourself from the onslaught of winter weather.  As a graduate of the State University at Oswego, Al should know a lot about winter in upstate NY.  His first weathercasting job was as weekend weatherman at WTVH-TV in Syracuse in 1974.

Al Roker

Part of the weather special included winter driving tips.  The site used in this segment was our own Schenectady County Airport.  The New York State Police use an unused runway at the airport for their driving school.  The troopers were glad to help Al spread the word on the dangers of winter driving. 


Saturday, March 04, 2006

New Assessments Strike Terror

I’m not sure if it was planned for new assessments to arrive on a Saturday but I’m sure Monday is still going to be a busy day for Rosalie Fahey, our town assessor. Phone calls should however first go to Appraisal Consultants at 399–3852 or 399–8259 between 9 AM and 4 PM.

In some ways I’m proud that someone thinks my house is so valuable. After all, Scotia is the “Village of Fine Homes” but an increase of 85% on my property value may be a bit much.   I’m also pleased when we receive complements on our improvements.  I’m not sure having an assessment that is 50% greater than our purchase price of five years ago is warranted.

So, if you’ve received your assessment and think it may be a little off, you’re not alone. 

Friday, March 03, 2006

Tiny Bubbles in Collins Lake

This is an election year in the village and some materials have already hit the mail boxes.  Both major parties are looking for candidates to run for three open positions; a new mayor and two trustees. I fully expect this year to be typical with both parties claiming successes and putting blame to the other party for failures.

As Chairman of the Village Park Board my focus has been on improvements to Collins Lake and surrounding park land.  I’m happy to report that members of both parties have been supportive of those issues I care about. 

One of our requests for Collins Lake is the addition of a Lake Aeration System. Park supervisor Jim Marx has spent years researching ways to improve our lake and this may be the year we see action.  The mayor and all five trustees have voiced their support to an aeration system and other methods which may make Collins Lake one of the cleanest around.

Proposed aeration system

If you’re interested in becoming a Mayor or Trustee you’re asked to call.
Democrats call Cliff Semerad at 377–3813
Republicans call Tom Neals at 377–6956